Gather Together is a Baltimore based collective of survivors of sexual and domestic violence engaging in advocacy by entering our own stories. We design public campaigns to support healing and prevent rape and abuse. During bi-monthly meetings, we develop skills in communications and self care. Our goal is to create more platforms for survivors to heal through collective action. We beleive that survivors should lead the conversation about sexual and domestic violence. Formed with the support of a fellowship from Open Society Institute-Baltimore, Gather Together is comprised of 20 survivors and is intended to be a program that can be replicated nationally.

FORCE, the organization incubating Gather Together, was founded based on the idea that a more difficult and honest conversation needs to happen in American to face the realities and root causes of sexual violence. To promote this necessary conversation, FORCE organizers and a team of volunteers create art actions to generate media attention and education and mobilize the community to actively support survivors. Learn more at upsettingrapeculture.com.