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The Listening Campaign to Disrupt Rape Culture, organized by Gather Together and  FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, is a campaign to envision a Baltimore without rape, based on the lived experiences of survivors . We are training survivors of rape and abuse of all genders to interview one another and hosting Listening Circles. The interviews are being recorded, collected and sorted by FORCE, and not shared with any other institutions. With this information, we will identify what survivors in Baltimore believe it will take to create a city without rape and abuse. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for upcoming trainings and events when you can learn how to get involved in the campaign.

To get involved, you can email FORCE at

We encourage people to interview those in your life who you already know, and are providing Listening Campaign trainings to give people the tools and information you will need to conduct an interview. Please stay tuned for dates for the next Listening Campaign training!

If you would like to request to be interviewed for this campaign, you are invited to fill out this form and we will do our best to identify a volunteer to reach out to you.

The type of study we are conducting is Participatory Action Research. Participatory Action Research is a way of collecting information for organizing purposes that centers on and reflects experiences of people most directly affected by particular issues in our communities. Learn more about PAR here: